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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who's Talking About???? Being A Body!

Great news!
If you've been following my blog for a while (and if you're new - welcome!) you know that I have been a student of a theology of the human person composed by John Paul II that is usually called the Theology of the Body. It says things like - we are made in the image and likeness of God, and the body is Good because God told us so, and in Genesis we were created as persons for our own sake to be a gift of love with and for one another… and so much more.

THIS JULY you can learn So. Much. More.

The Theology of the Body Institute is hosting a Congress right in Philly! Easy to get to - easy to fly into - three days to bathe your head and your heart in the joy of the Gospel, and become more aware of who you were made to be.

And…. uh… I'll be there learning right alongside.

It will ask questions like this:

And also questions like this:

Some of the academic speakers will be Dr. John Grabowski of CUA talking about Marriage, Dr. Janet Smith from Sacred heart Seminary in Detroit talking about aging, Dr. Deborah Savage talking about the Feminine.

Some of the "popular" speakers include Mother Olga on TOB and Mary, Bill Donaghy on TOB and Art, and Christopher West.

AND Bishop Jean Lefitte on the Glory of the Body, AND Fr. Brett Brannen on the priesthood, And….
You can find out all about registering HERE…. Meet new people! Bring your friends (new group rates), stick a poster up in your parish or diocesan offices, or ministry…

And if you're new to all this - what I call "TOB curious" then this is a wonderful opportunity to hear international speakers on a whole mess of topics that have to do with you. Three days away from hustle & bustle and into a place where we can learn and think and pray and share.

Spend W-F in Philly and then head to the Jersey Shore for the weekend :) You know you want to…

Did I mention I'll be there, and love to meet you?
think about it. Pray about it. Share the goodness.

Where else will you hear a bishop talking about this:

Happy Summer!
See you there :)


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    1. Not sure where you live? You should go! I think it will be worth it… and if you're close enough they now are offering a "daily" registration that might work. In any case, keep passing on the good word :)

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